Exclusive market news: Asian under anxiety over trade rouble hit by economic worries

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Exclusive market reports show that Asian country is currently under anxiety over trade rouble which has been hit by the economic worries. This is after the Asian stock exchange market fell drastically on Friday fallowing the trade tension after there market were whipsawed by the US through an new sanction which selloff and more so scared the lira Turkish lumbering.

According to exclusive reports from Washington DC, the US will impose not only new but fresh sanction following the attacks in Moscow, where a former Russian agent and his daughter where flashed by a Nerve agent last week. This according to USA was not a legal act. According to USA this new and fresh sanction will be determined by the strength and the effect of the nerve agent.

Nevertheless, since late 2016 this rouble slid down to the lowest level whereby it went down to 66.71 roubles compared to the dollar. At around 0010 GMT  on Thursday, the rouble raised and the exchange rate stood  at 66.5245 compared to the dollar. According to wall street, the Asian market seemed to drop at an average of 0.29 , Nasdaq Composite adding  0.04 percent to its previous percentage and the S&P 500 which was ending at 0.14 percent lower than the preceding average.

However, the Australian market will nevertheless focus at market forecasting rather than conserving their previous report on the RBA which was to conserve the stock exchange rate. Nevertheless, the market forecasting was rather attracting investors and the market in general in upgrading the economic status at large.

According to the ANZ analysis last Friday, the market is not altering nor reducing the amount of products or selling products as expected by the RBA rather the forecasting was focused on improving the market rating all together.

However, after the new sanction released by the US, the Australian shares where flat and considering the new sanction prices, Australian shares were flat and considering the commodities, U.S. crude dipped Brent crude at 0.3 % which was lower to the previous price at $71.88 per barrel whereas the 0.2 percent at drop to $66.67 a barrel of the Gold ticket. According to the market analysis, this was a increased price of up to 0.1 percent which signified the $1212.96 per ounce.