For Luis Caputo, the exchange crisis “is the best thing that could have happened to us”

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Luis Caputo, flaming president of the Central Bank, spoke again after a close of the day on Tuesday in which the dollar ended at $ 28.46 and there was a maturity of Lebacs for $ 530,000 million.

“In the short term these things have a cost, but I think that in the medium and long term there is no harm that does not come, it is the best thing that could have happened to us, this forced us to go and ask for the credit to the Monetary Fund and this gives much greater certainty particularly with financing, because we depend on external financing and in this context it was an uncertainty, “he explained on Wednesday in a dialogue with Radio Miter.

The official also acknowledged “own errors, political issues”, plus a strong rise in the US currency, which generated “those scares and that was infecting the rest of the markets.”

Caputo slipped a criticism of the management of Federico Sturzenegger at the BCRA and said that his task will be to “try to disarm this great Lebac ball as soon as possible.” Although he defended the rise of the interest rate to 47% in the bidding of the Lebac to curb demand for the currency.

“We are in the process of disarming this with the bidding of these Lebacs, it is seen that there is less renewal and we are going to start already with the mechanism that we have armed that consists in disarming on the side of the assets of the Central Bank the nontransferable letters and the liabilities with the Lebac, “he said in relation to the battery of measures planned by the agency.The head of the Central Bank remarked that the objective is to achieve “exchange stability” to solve the problems.

In this regard, he remarked that his first 48 hours of management “were very good” and that the measures he launched “were very well received by all: the market and the analysts.” Beyond that, it was what had to be done, “he said. .

And he insisted that “we are going to a more consistent fiscal and monetary policy, in the medium and long term this is going to be the most positive thing that could have happened to us”.