Google Programme Teaches Kids to Use the Internet in A Productive Way

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Everyone lives in Digital World where the growth in online services increases the usage of internet. With the increasing cases of cyberbullying along with untrusted news as well as unsafe practices on the internet, tech giant Google has come up with educational programme especially for the youngster that will help them to understand how to make use of the Internet as well as advanced technology in the most effective way.

As per the information of the source, Youngsters are easily attracted towards latest upcoming of the tech world and they are being exposed to technology much earlier than ever before.

Trust and the Safe Director of Google, Sunita Mohanty said, “Entire Google team believed that these foundational years are the best time to start nurturing their inquisitiveness and curiosity in the right direction.”

Further, Mohanty added, “Children are a large part of the Internet user group and hence they need to be taught how to stay safe on the web to develop them into socially responsible digital citizens of the future.”

Google team said that the campaign will engage children between the age group of 13 to 18 in four online assignments that consist of real-world projects along with a virtual learning experience.

The team stated today’s children will become tomorrow’s digital citizens and everyone definitely want them to be advocates of Internet safety and spread the word.

The tech giant team up with Smile foundation and they will teach them about how to manage their internet usage. The Google team said that selective student from the group will get an opportunity to participate at company’s final event.