Momo challenge sparks fear in the internet after previous blue wales game

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Recently reports shows that after the previously developed blue wales game which claimed life of several children, there has been a new equal game known as Momo challenge. According to reports from Argentina, this new game is similar to the blue wales which sparked fear across the internet after the incident with the children.

Nevertheless, this new game known as the Momo Challenge has recently been the talk in the internet also after allegedly claim life of a 12 year old girl from Argentina. This viral terror has devastated many parents worldwide and the people in general are warned against this current trending Momo challenge game.

Reports from metro news say that Momo is a social media platform linked together with other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter. From the previous Blue wales game, the new Momo challenge game looks more deadlier to the previous scaring games.

According to participants, they say that the Momo challenge game contains specific tasks which as a participator you should for. More so the game contains specific orders to be followed.

However, if the participator ether to the rules and orders given, then he or she is given another unknown player to whom the participator communicate. Nevertheless, if the player or participator refuses to ether to the rules and regulation of the fame then they are threatened a violent photos are then disclosed to them.

According to twitter data analysts, this scary challenge is currently devastating and shaking up lots of people who currently are addicted to game which contain tasks and orders. From the report issued by twitter, lots of people within twitter platform are shaken up after confirming the death of 12 year old girl from Argentina.

Reports from gaming analysts show that some games need caution before participating in them. Nevertheless, the information went viral across all social platform concerning this new Momo challenge game.  However participating on games like this is determined with the individuals. This games currently are being analysed and will be backlisted to avoid other similar incidences in the future.