Rescue efforts step up following the Kerala floods

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As the rain havoc continues, recent reports show that rescue efforts have stepped up following the Kerala floods. It was reported that it all started as the usual small amount of raindrops which prolonged and increased over causing flooding within the state area of Kerala in India.

This resource team steps up in the state following the Sealing of the monsoon rains which caused this epidemic for now. India Meteorological Department nevertheless has released red weather alerts to all areas and all district experiencing this monsoon rains. However, some of this districts and areas in India have been hit with this floods.

According to reports from the rescue teams and the aid team, it is said that more than 350 individuals Perished due to this floods and others marooned. The marooned tally is stated to be over 2000 individuals and counting. From the rescue team, the riverside town of Chengannur is the main focus at the moment. It is believed that more than 6000 peoples are trapped within this area and need assistance as fast as possible to ensure their Safety before its too late. Considering the rise in levels of a downpour, then the process of rescue should speed up.

Mr. Saji Cherian, a local politician broke down in tears after saying that he is begging for help. He needs a helicopter to rescue his people. He said that according to the situation, many of his people will perish and he would like for immediate assistance with helicopters to try and save as many as he can get from this crisis. According to the intense hit of the crisis, the only way to save his people is through airlifting since there are no accesses to this places according to the Navy team.

According to states chief minister, 100s of navy motorboats have been deployed to try and assist in the rescue operation across the hit states and districts. Nevertheless, the Kerala coastal officials said that they have had a relief mission following the great assistance they got from the fishermen who assisted in the rescue mission using their boats. This according to the rescue team was a valuable supports which saved hundreds of people which the team could not access.