Snapchat makes fun of the blows that Rihanna suffered: her overwhelming response

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Snapchat launched an advertisement in which relativized the aggression suffered by the singer Rihanna by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The advertising of the mobile game “Would You Rather” recalled this violent event with an “impossible question” towards Internet users: “What do you prefer? Rihanna’s slap or Chris Brown’s punch. “

Brown was sentenced for assaulting Rihanna when she was his girlfriend in 2009. In this regard, the singer posted a message in her Snapchat and Instagram accounts that showed her anger at the announcement.

“I’m trying to figure out what the point of this disaster was!” Wrote Rihanna, 30. “I would love to say that it is ignorance, but I know they are not that stupid! They spent money to encourage something that would intentionally embarrass the victims of domestic violence and make a joke with this!”

“What a pity for you,” said the singer. “Forget all that apologies in the app.”

In response, a spokesperson for Snap, Inc. said in a statement: “This ad is disgusting and should never appear in our service.”

“We regret the terrible mistake of allowing it to go through our review process,” they confessed from the social network.

Snapchat said that most of its commercials are purchased through a self-service platform but are subject to a review that should have prevented the commercial from being published. Now “Would You Rather” can not be announced in the application.

The commercial and Rihanna’s response turned on Twitter, and many people promised to delete their Snapchat accounts.

Snapchat’s always-volatile stocks fell 4% on Thursday. Investors fear that fickle adolescents and millennial youth, who are its main users, will abandon it.

Last month a tweet from Kylie Jenner, who said she almost no longer uses Snapchat, caused the company’s stock to fall even more than on Thursday.