The cars raised half that inflation in the last year

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Although with very marked differences between the different models, the country’s best-selling cars rose an average of 13.5% annually in February, according to a study by the consulting firm Economics & Regions. The rise is about half of the inflation that reached 25% in January and will be higher in February as a result of rate increases. In February, the 10 best-selling cars in the country rose 1.7%.

Those who rose the most in the year were:

* Volkswagen Gol Trend: increased by 18.6%. The car of the German automaker, which is second in the best-selling ranking in February. It costs $ 241.796. In February, meanwhile, it rose 2.2% and it was also the one that led the increases.
The cars raised half that inflation in the last year

Chevrolet Onix Joy.

* Chevrolet Onix: ranked second among those who rose the most in the last year, with 17.3%, but in February it increased 1.6% and was surpassed by the Peugeot 208, which grew 2%. It costs $ 283,900 and, it is third in the top ten of most patented.

* Chevrolet Prisma: in sixth place in the sales ranking, its price increased 1.1% in the month and 16.9% in the year, to $ 294,700.
The cars raised half that inflation in the last year

Renault Nuevo Sandero

* Renault Sandero: behind the Prism, was the one that increased its prices the most. It climbed 14.5% in the last twelve months, but kept its value in February at $ 254,900.

* Ford Ka: increased 13.2% in the year and 1.3% in February, to $ 260,900 and is ranked ninth in the ranking.
The cars raised half that inflation in the last year

Ford Ka

Toyota Etios: the country’s best seller increased 12.7% in the year and 1.1% in February, to $ 261,100.

* Peugeot 208: is the one that increased the least in the year, with a rise of 3.7%. In February it rose 2% to $ 321,400. It is fifth in the ranking of the best sellers.

The rest of the most demanded cars have their particularities when it comes to comparison. For example, the Renault Kwid was not sold last year and this is in eighth place in the ranking of the most patented. Meanwhile, in the cases of the Fiat Palio (4) and the Ford Fiesta Kinetic (19), Economía & Regiones revealed different models in the year-on-year comparison due to their lack of availability.