U.S. condemned by China for South China Sea freedom of navigation operation.

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According to recent reports, on Tuesday, China in a statement expressed it’s anger shortly after the U.S. Navy destroyer went ahead and sailed near China’s islands which according to boundaries, the island’s territory are claimed by the China which also the island is a dispute with the South China Sea.

China said that it is will resolutely oppose any kind of operation which may be conducted within its territory. China added that this was a threat to China’s sovereignty. Washington and Beijing at the moment are locked within a trade war which according to the current situation have imposed increasingly severe sanctions and high tariffs on each other’s product mostly imports.

On Sunday, in a statement, U.S. official who spoke to reporters in a condition of anonymity said that the U. S. destroyer now as the USS Decatur was traveling within a range of 12 nautical miles of Johnson Reefs and Gaven in towards the Spratly Islands.

According to the U. S.  official, this was the first operation attempt which Washington encounter and sees as the Beijing’s efforts in limiting all the freedom of navigation within the strategic waterways whereby Japanese,  Chinese, and some other Southeast Asian navies currently operate.

China’s Defence Ministry yesterday said that a Chinese naval ship was sent to the U. S. destroyer to warn them to either vacate from China’s territory or leave the island’s dock.

However, in relation to the U. S.  destroyer, the ministry said that China has all irrefutable sovereignty towards the South China territory and more so the Sea islands and all the waters which surround this islands. According to reports, the current situation within this territories is progressing well thanks to hard work of countries in Southeast Asia and more so China’s effort in supporting this territory.

The ministry also added in his statement that the U.S. has repeatedly sent military ships within China’s territory without any kind of permission into the seas territory close to South China islands.

This according to China is a serious threat to its sovereignty unit and more so security. Also a  serious damage to the Sino-U.S. military ties which would seriously be harming the regional stability and peace.