Uber Driver Streaming Hulu During Fatal Arizona Accident, A Report Says

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In the month of March, everyone stunned by the Arizona accident in which a pedestrian was killed by a self-driving Uber vehicle, however, it was believed to be the first pedestrian death linked with self-driving technology. Subsequently, the organization suspended testing in Tempe and different urban areas. Now, a Tempe Police Department has revealed the footage of the incident that showed the driver of Uber was busy in streaming the voice on Hulu during a 43-minute test drive.

The crash killed 49-year old Elaine Herzberg, be that as it may, why self-driving auto neglected to maintain a strategic distance from her has been the subject of examination. The new report says that Tempe police worked with Hulu to obtain Vasquez’s viewing history and it indicates that safety driver Rafaela Vasquez was distracted for one-third of the twenty-two minutes leading up to the crash.

A San-Francisco based ride-hailing company, Uber was testing its modified Volvo XC90 in Tempe, Arizona. Waymo plans to launch its own self-driving, ride-hailing service in Phoenix later this year. Furthermore, the report claims that the crash was avoidable. The police haven’t said whether or not she will be charged yet.

An Uber spokeswoman said, “We continue to cooperate fully with ongoing investigations while conducting our own internal safety review.” Further, the spokesperson said, “We have a strict policy prohibiting mobile device usage for anyone operating our self-driving vehicles. We plan to share more on the changes we’ll make to our program soon.”