Ukrainians relive Kiev’s Maidan bloodshed in virtual reality

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According to recent reports, a volunteer medic together with the man’s life he saved. Yesterday before daybreak a lawmaker who according to the reports his Facebook post was calling to action for people to protests against Kiev’s Maidan square by helping him bring down the president. These above mentioned are among the characters which are currently featured in a virtual reality which at the moment is under reconstruction of the event which took place in the streets in 2013/2014. This event was referred to as the bloodiest day in which the people went on street demonstrations throughout Ukraine. During this day, dozens and dozens of protesters lost their lives after the final moments which commenced in the Viktor Yanukovich’s rule.

Nevertheless, ahead of the beginning of fifth anniversary of this proceeding protests, 14 journalists, IT engineers and designers developed as a group come together and designed a program which according to their target was to allow all the users to go through the entire area around and within the Maidan square. Likewise, people who were at the in the bloodiest day protest and survived on February 20 pop up videos in relation to all their experiences and more so explained the significance of this particular spots which transpired on that specific day. However, where this event occurred the community together with the victims build up a transparent blue wall which was symbolic and marked the way the Yanukovich’s forces lined up in action to repel to the protesters.

However, according to co-founder of the New Cave Media, Alexey Furman, who also covered the protests, he was the photojournalist behind the event, said that recreating the event experience was cathartic. He explained and said that it was a very traumatic day as such was for hundreds of people all over the country. He added that he saw many people killed. According to him, the recreation and development of this day in the virtual reality will help people in fighting the PTSD which had been left on Maidan after the death of dozens in the protest which occurred in 2013 and ended in 2014.  According to him, this virtual reality reconstruction will help reduce the post-traumatic stress disorder which many experienced during this day.