Without the ceiling of the Central Bank, the dollar touches a new record

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The dollar hit a new record after the Central Bank decided to remove the ceiling of $ 25 (at wholesale level) through the daily offer of US $ 5,000 million in that value.

In the retail market, which follows the steps of the wholesaler, the currency traded at $ 25.60 at Banco Nación, 7 cents more than on Thursday. However, in some entities came to quote between $ 25.79 and $ 26.

In the market in which large companies and banks operate – and in which the monetary agency intervened – the currency rose 35 cents to $ 25.33.

The market watched with expectation the opening of the session this Friday, the first day of “free float”, after the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. It is that the Central Bank was no longer going to put a ceiling on the currency. The entity permanently had an offer of 5,000 million dollars to sell at $ 25 (wholesale price). That strategy had been released on May 14, that is, one day before Super Tuesday, in which Lebacs won 650 billion pesos. Since then, the dollar has not exceeded that price in the wholesale market.

On the exchange strategy that comes from now on, the holder of the BCRA, Federico Sturzenegger, was sharp Thursday: “The uncertainty is reduced. We return to normal. That does not mean that the Central never intervenes. What we did in these weeks is no longer necessary, “he explained.